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Meeting You


1. It's all Right
2. New York City
3. Woman to me
4. Honey, where's the Money?
5. Meeting You
6. What happened to the Sun?
7. Your Eyes
8. My Darling
9. The Ballad of Sheriff Shlita
10. Banal and Blase
11. Birth Pangs
12. I'm your Walkman
13. Freud's Daughter
14. Fantasy # Need
15. Hidden Track

Songs written & produced by Herschel Fromme.  Recorded at the Snake Pit.  Female vocals: Anat.  

Banal and Blase
  engineered by Luc Thériault.  Cover Design: E. Bula
Original Lovers Drawing: Paul Hartal.
In your Ear Music 1993 ©
Zoo-B Records ©


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