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Music for the Masses


1. You'll Never Know 4:21
2. Heaven 3:27
3. So Special 4:33
4. Honey, Money? 3:17
5. I Can't Sleep 4:15
6. You've Changed 3:05
7. All I Want Is You (Hebrew) 3:53
8. One Justice 3:42
9. Just Because 3:45
10. Don't Kill Yourself Tonight 4:16
11. King & Queen 3:53
12. Shalom (Hebrew) 4:23

Produced by Dan Hartal, Delux Engineered by Paul Etch Recorded & Mixed at Oliver Sudden Studio, Montreal, Canada Mastered at the 'Planetary Kung-Fu centre for the Deaf'. CD Mastering by Clovis Gouailler B&W Photos by Udi
Dan Hartal - vocals, steel string, electric, bass guitars, piano Jordan Todd -drums Zev Levy -drums on "You've Changed" lan Halperin - sax Derek Norman - guitar on "So Special" Redge Clews - sweet violin Merdechai Knapp -keyboard on "You've Changed" Moshe Yess - cIassical "Chimming" rhythm on "You've Changed" Anat Hartal background vocals Sam the Man background vocals on "So Special" Paul Etch background vocals on "I Can't Sleep" and "One Justice". Eli Eisenberg & kids background vocals on "Shalom" Hebrew lyrics composed by Arye Hartal. Special thanks Delux, Anat H., Arye H, Mom & Dad, Selma, Lou & The Rebbe.

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