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Simen Tov & Mazel Tov

Other Dan Hartal music productions:




1. David Melech Israel Medley (10:26)
2. Simen Tov & Mazel Tov (2:54)
3. Bie Mir Mr. Shein Medley (6:27)
4. Yiddishe Mamma (2:29)
5. A World of Good (4:05)
6. Somebody Cares (5:33)
7. I Call Your Name (4:02)
8. Niggun #770 (4:56)

All songs written & arranged by Dan Hartal.  Copyright 1988, 5758 by Kosher Music Productions. Made in Canada.

Special Thanks: to Jordan Todd, Michael Knapp for  back-up vocals for song #2. Song #7 performed live by Burnt-Offering: Moise Yess (guitar), Zev Lev (drums), Mordechai Knapp
(keys) & Dan Hartal (bass & vocals). Clarinet played by Ian Babb.

Somebody Cares performed by Shlomo Mahn (guitar), Craig Conway (keys & back-vocals), Jordan Todd (drums), Dan Hartal (bass & vocals).

Recorded & Mixed @ Oliver Sounds Studios, Mastered @ Playhouse Studios Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Cover Picture by: Hartal Design

To David Gabriel inspired by the 'Rebbe,' who made it his life work to bring the final redemption and in the following the Rebbe's footsteps, let us continue so that "All the days of your life...' to bring the days of Moshiach.