Here's.................................... SCHMELVIS!!!

Orthodox Jewish Elvis impersonator Dan Hartal has traveled on a bizarre odyssey to trace Elvis’s roots since the early 70’s. “Elvis is in my veins, I feel it!” says Hartal. Schmelvis has been singing for years in old age homes and for kids. Despite the white jump suit and long sideburns, Schmelvis -aka Dan Hartal- is no mere Elvis impersonator. “I consider myself a tribute artist,” says the Canadian Jewish singer, with a sly grin.

Inspired by a 1998 Wall Street Journal article exposing The King’s improbable lineage, Schmelvis headed to Graceland to discover the truth for himself, a journey that was captured on film in the 2002 documentary “Schmelvis: Searching for the King’s Jewish roots” Now the whole world is catching onto the phenomenon of Schmelvis. He can perform solo or with a band… and also has a brand new CD entitled: From Memphis to the Holyland.